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Who Pays for Therapy After an Auto Accident In Florida?

auto accident injury therapy

The question of who pays for therapy after an auto accident is rarely simple. It often has to do with insurance coverage. In Florida, the issue is further complicated by the fact that the state has a no-fault system when it comes to auto accident injuries.

Technically speaking, you are already paying for your own personal injury coverage if you are a driver in Florida. State law mandates that you carry personal injury protection insurance coverage to handle the costs of your own emergency medical condition. There are some exceptions and important details, which you can find further explained below.

How much does Florida’s personal injury protection cover?

After your medical provider diagnoses you with an emergency medical condition, you should then become eligible for coverage under your personal injury protection program. The minimum legal coverage limit in Florida is $10,000. Up to your policy’s limit, this type of insurance should cover 80% of your costs. If, for example, you had a total cost of $12,500 associated with your emergency medical condition, this would use the entirety of the minimum coverage amount and leave you with the $2,500 to settle in another manner.

How much does treatment cost after an accident?

One of the most important factors in securing maximum possible recovery is designing a treatment plan for each individual case. This makes it difficult to determine, at least on a general basis, how much injuries would cost.

Many patients respond well to non-invasive treatments applied over a relatively short recovery time. Others may require some long-term physical therapy or advanced procedures to fully address their conditions. At PhysMed, we believe that it is essential to attempt the least invasive therapies first. This allows our patients to expose themselves to the least amount of risk possible, both in terms of their medical conditions and their financial situations.

What treatment do I need after a car crash?

We would recommend initially consulting with a medical professional to assess your case. Beyond that, we certainly understand if payment is a consideration when selecting medical treatment — but it is also important to choose a treatment center that is in a position to assess your injuries appropriately and treat them efficiently.

By the same token, you should make sure that your care providers are accustomed to dealing with injuries caused by car accidents. As mentioned above, there are some unique insurance considerations involved in most auto injury situations in Florida.

We understand if the information here did not answer all of your questions. So much of the planning after an auto injury must be done on an individual basis, so it would probably be more constructive to contact us directly by calling at (941) 921-4884. We will do our best to support you through all of the challenges you face during your recovery.

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