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Treatment After an Auto Accident in Bradenton

It is important to seek prompt professional medical treatment after an auto accident in Bradenton, for two main reasons. First, early treatment should give you the fastest recovery possible for your condition. Second, you only have 14 days to receive a diagnosis if you want to benefit from your personal injury protection insurance.

If you fear that you were injured in a car crash, please set up an appointment as soon as possible. For further information on types of injuries, common treatments, and insurance coverage, please refer to the sections below.

Auto Accident Injuries

There are extreme forces involved in a motor vehicle collision, even those that occur at low speeds. This makes it very common for injuries to occur. Although there is a chance for injuries such as TBIs, broken bones, or dislocated limb joints, some of the most common car accident injuries affect the spinal column. This complex musculoskeletal system has many components that are all prone to injury:

  • Bones
  • Facet joints
  • Nerves
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles

Whiplash From Car Accidents

Whiplash is a cause of many injuries. It occurs when the head whips forward and back quickly and violently, causing undue stress and extreme curvature of the cervical vertebrae. Whiplash is not a diagnosis in and of itself, but knowing that it occurred could narrow down the list of potential causes for various symptoms.

Although you do not get whiplash in your back, legs or arms, the trauma could be associated with pain in these regions. It is usually necessary to address the neck injury — the true cause of the symptoms — before making a recovery.

Treatment Options for Auto Injuries

Many treatments exist for spine and neck injuries caused by auto accidents. They range from completely noninvasive options, such as physical therapy, to more complicated procedures, such as back surgery. There are also a variety of ways to handle troublesome symptoms, such as pain. Before you decide which treatment is right for you, is important to have a medical professional look at your condition.

At PhysMed, we prioritize noninvasive treatments that address the underlying injuries. This is in direct contrast with many treatment centers, which prescribe painkillers or suggest expensive procedures early on in the therapy process. We believe that our approach — treating the whole person — gives our patients the best chance of recovery at the most manageable levels of cost and risk.

Insurance for Auto Accidents

As mentioned in the introduction above, Florida law requires drivers to carry insurance to cover the costs of their own emergency medical conditions. If this matches your situation, please contact us as soon as possible so that we have the best chance of helping you through this process. We understand our role in the legal and insurance procedures, and we can help you understand yours as well. Call us today at (941) 921-4884 to schedule your initial consultation.

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