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Do I Need an Attorney?

The State of Florida does not require you to hire a lawyer after an auto accident. Beyond that, you would want to make the decision after an analysis of your case from a legal perspective. Some of our patients here at PhysMed do decide to hire lawyers. Others prefer not to do so. If there is any doubt, we would typically recommend at least having a consultation with an attorney. These meetings are usually much more productive than general research, as they are based on the specifics of each case.

Setting Priorities

Your health should be your first priority after you are injured. Seeking treatment immediately could reduce the consequences of most injuries. Please keep in mind that symptoms do not always show right away after a car crash, or else the pain may not be extreme at first. Even if you only suspect you have an injury, we would urge you to seek a professional medical opinion — think about legal matters later.

Maintaining Insurance Coverage

As a secondary benefit, seeking prompt treatment could help when he comes to your insurance coverage. Florida requires drivers to carry personal injury protection insurance to take responsibility for their own emergency medical conditions.

The idea is that you would be able to collect this insurance regardless of who is at fault for your collision. In some cases, the minimum PIP coverage could be enough to pay for all of your treatment. In general, Florida PIP coverage handles 80% of your costs for emergency medical conditions, up to a minimum of $10,000. Some extended therapies could exceed this limit. If you carry insufficient insurance to cover your injuries in full, then you may need an attorney to help you negotiate for the rest for the remaining amount.

Securing Future Claims

Another reason you might want to seek treatment immediately has to do with future legal conflict. When a lawyer makes an analysis of your case, he or she will start with the facts. One of the most important considerations will be the nature and extent of your injuries. The documentation from your ongoing medical treatment is likely to be instrumental in any argument your attorney makes in settlement negotiations or in court.

Although we support our patients in every way we can, we are not able to provide legal advice. Please think of this article as general information, and do not hesitate to seek a qualified attorney’s advice for more case-specific needs. For medical questions, to make an appointment or to receive further information on this subject, please contact us directly at (941) 921-4884.

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